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Wiser Event News

2016 Latest Event News

Date News of the Events
09/23~ 09/26 2016 China (Anqiu)International Wiser Ball Invitation Tournament

2013 Event News Archives

Date News of the Events
12/29 R.O.C. Wiser Ball Association Holds Its Rui-Zhi Cup of Wiser Ball Tournament in South Region of Taiwan
12/21 World Wiser Sport Committee starts the Tour of Wiser Referee Training in Asia in chronological order of visits, including Taiwan, China (Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Hangzhou), and Thailand.
11/30 World Wiser Sport Committee officially publishes the English Version 1.0 of “Rules of Wiser Sport Handbook”
11/22~11/24 The Physical Education Bureau of the City of Hangzhou Holds its First Westlake Cup of Wiser Ball Invitation Tournament
10/12 The Kaohsiung Wiser Ball Sport Competition in Taiwan
09/29 The First Hong Kong Wiser Championship
08/31 The First Southern California High School Cup Tournament held in USA
08/2013 The 2013 Friendship Cup of Wiser Ball Invitational Tournament held in Taiwan
07/16 Malaysia Wiser Sport Committee Promotes Wiser Sport in Festival Rakan Muda 1M4U 2013
06/22/~06/23 The First MWKYICI Member Cup Tournament held in USA
06/2013 The First Member Cup of Wiser Ball Tournament held in the City of Richmond, Vancouver, Canada
05/31 The World Wiser Sport Committee announced and released the English version of “How To Play Wiser Ball” video tutorial.
04/04~04/06 The Physical Education Bureau of Chengdu City in China Holds the Southwest China Regional Wiser Ball Friendship Tournament in Chengdu, Sichuan, China
03/02 World Wiser Sport Committee Holds Its First Inaugural Ceremony
Jan.~ March The Thailand Wiser Sport Cup Tournament