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About World Wiser Sport Committee

The World Wiser Sport Committee is a legally established public-benefit non-profit organization. It is the highest, most authoritative Wiser sport organization in the world. The Committee trains different levels of referees based on the rules of the Wiser sport. It holds international tournaments, guides the work of Wiser Sport Committees in countries and regions around the globe, and leads the expansion of the Wiser sport throughout the world. Its mission is to enable people living in various regions and of different races, ages, and cultures to play the Wiser sport and, in so doing, to rid themselves of sickness, delay the aging process, improve their physical and mental health, enhance their wisdom, make new friends, elevate their morality, and thereby advance peace and happiness to all of mankind.

Notice (03/21/2018)

Notice (05/09/2016)

Notice of Our Office Relocation(05/09/2016) To: All Wiser Sport Organizations, Teams, Players, and Fans, We are pleased to inform you that the office of the World Wiser Sport Committee (WWSC) has been moved to the following new address in March 2016: 709 E. Colorado Boulevard, Suite 270, Pasadena, CA 91101, USA Please note that our…

Notice (12/07/2015)

Notice of Applying for WWSC’s Authorization to Hold Grade 4 Wiser Referee Training Classes (12/07/2015) The World Wiser Sport Committee (WWSC) has started accepting applications from Wiser sport organizations for WWSC’s authorization to hold “Grade 4 Wiser Referee Training Classes” (hereafter, “Training Classes”). For any organization interested in applying for WWSC’s authorization, such organization must…

Notice (11/12/2014)

Notice of the Launch of Official Website (11/12/2014) To: All Wiser sport organizations, Wiser teams, and players, This notice includes the following two announcements. I. The Launch of World Wiser Sport Committee’s Official Website Today, November 12, 2014, the World Wiser Sport Committee (WWSC) is pleased to announce the launch of our official website. The…