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The World Wiser Sport Committee is a legally established public-benefit non-profit organization. It is the highest, most authoritative Wiser sport organization in the world. The Committee trains different levels of referees based on the rules of the Wiser sport. It holds international tournaments, guides the work of Wiser Sport Committees in countries and regions around the globe, and leads the expansion of the Wiser sport throughout the world. Its mission is to enable people living in various regions and of different races, ages, and cultures to play the Wiser sport and, in so doing, to rid themselves of sickness, delay the aging process, improve their physical and mental health, enhance their wisdom, make new friends, elevate their morality, and thereby advance peace and happiness to all of mankind.

世界Wiser运动委员会説明 (09/27/2019)

世界Wiser运动委员会説明 (09/27/2019) 近来世界Wiser运动委员会不断收到一些高智尔球运动团体和个人的来函咨询,询问“世界Wiser运动委员会是否有参与将于10月中旬在中国山东青岛莱西市举办的青岛2019世界休闲体育大会高智尔球国际邀请赛?” 关於这次的青岛2019世界休闲体育大会高智尔球国际邀请赛,世界Wiser运动委员会在今年6月收到了李云峰提交的“青岛2019世界休闲体育大会高智尔球赛”申请文件, 希望得到本会的支持。李云峰并于7月向本会提交了其向政府申请举办球赛的活动初步计划方案。 对於所有推广Wiser球的活动,世界Wiser运动委员会一向都是积极支持的,因此本会副秘书长Michael Lin 承秘书处指示,于7月11日透过微信通话,联繫到李云峰,希望他及时提供更详细的赛事方案,包含承办比赛团体成员和组织架构、比赛规模和赛程安排、比赛日期和经费来源、新闻媒体宣传等等具体比赛计划, 以供本会进一步的审核评估。同时也告知他,既然是作为青岛2019世界休闲体育大会的一个部分,最重要的是必须要得到此次主办方“青岛(莱西)2019世界休闲体育大会执委会”的正式书面批准文件,授权同意将高智尔球列入其休闲体育大会活动的增补比赛项目。 但本会直到今年8月初才收到李云峰传来的青岛(莱西)2019世界休闲体育大会执委会文件 (请见附件),此文件并不是批准将高智尔球比赛列入2019世界休闲体育大会的比赛项目,而只是要求他们提供文件供执委会评估。

Notice (03/21/2018)

Notice (05/09/2016)

Notice of Our Office Relocation(05/09/2016) To: All Wiser Sport Organizations, Teams, Players, and Fans, We are pleased to inform you that the office of the World Wiser Sport Committee (WWSC) has been moved to the following new address in March 2016: 709 E. Colorado Boulevard, Suite 270, Pasadena, CA 91101, USA Please note that our…

Notice (12/07/2015)

Notice of Applying for WWSC’s Authorization to Hold Grade 4 Wiser Referee Training Classes (12/07/2015) The World Wiser Sport Committee (WWSC) has started accepting applications from Wiser sport organizations for WWSC’s authorization to hold “Grade 4 Wiser Referee Training Classes” (hereafter, “Training Classes”). For any organization interested in applying for WWSC’s authorization, such organization must…