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    World Wiser Sport Committee
    Official Website of Wiser Ball
    Tel: 626.795.7485

    Wiser Referee Training

    Wiser Referee Training

    I.  Certification System for Wiser Referees

    1.  All grades of official Wiser referees must complete the World Wiser Sport Committee’s (WWSC) required training courses and assessments. After being qualified, a referee certificate corresponding to its grade will then be issued by the WWSC.

    2.  The grade of Wiser Referee represents its qualification that can be assigned to officiate certain levels of Wiser matches/tournaments.

    3.  Official Wiser referees certified by the World Wiser Sport Committee are divided into the following four major grades:

    • Grade 1 International Referee
    • Grade 2 National Referee
    • Grade 3 State Referee
    • Grade 4 Club Referee

    II.  Duties and Responsibilities of a Referee in a Wiser Game

    • Enforce the rules of the Wiser sport set by World Wiser Sport Committee (WWSC);
    • Maintain order and safety in the game and ensure fair competitions;
    • Ensure that the playing field is set up properly and the balls, flags and equipment meet all requirements;
    • Ensure that all players follow Wiser etiquette and the spirit of the Wiser sport;
    • Oversee the processes of the Wiser game and instruct the flag person and the record keeper;
    • Conduct the drawing of lots with team captains to determine which team will serve and also attack first after the serving;
    • Blow the whistle in the following circumstances: (1) To initiate and conclude the game; (2) Before the player initiates any ball actions except “interception”; (3) Before making each hand gesture; (4) After fouls are committed; (5) For emergency purposes, to call people’s attention.
    • Make hand gestures for ruling after balls are locked, mishit and struck out;
    • Enforce penalties after fouls are committed ;
    • Call upon both teams and announce the game result; and,
    • Sign and submit the record tracking sheet after the end of game.