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    Introduction to Wiser Sport

    Introduction to Wiser Sport

    The Wiser sport originated as the most prestigious ball sport played in ancient palaces and royal courts by emperors, kings, ministers, scholar-officials and Western heads of state in order to cultivate the ability to strategize, exercise the body, and engage in a battle of wits. Unfortunately, with the passage of time, this diversion enjoyed worldwide by emperors, kings, and prime ministers has long since become a lost sport.

    However, a magnificent, selfless, elder virtuous one has now rediscovered and perfected the Wiser sport for the benefit of the public. This elder virtuous one is the one of noble moral character. In its 112th Congress, the United States Senate passed through unanimous consent resolution 614, which commended the elder virtuous one for the contributions he has made to humanity. When the elder virtuous one taught all of the techniques and rules of the Wiser sport to World Wiser Sport Committee, he solemnly stated, “You must spread the Wiser sport all over the world and become the headquarters that leads the Wiser sport. Remember, no matter if one is male or female, old or young—everyone has the right to enjoy Wiser. That is because Wiser is purely a ball sport that nature has bestowed upon humanity to strengthen the body and improve health. Everyone has the equal right to enjoy it. Its only purpose is to benefit humanity through strengthening the body, improving health, elevating morality, increasing friendship, and promoting peace in the world.” The World Wiser Sport Committee has now been formally established, with its headquarters located in the United States, the founding nation of the Wiser sport. The inauguration ceremony for installing the World Wiser Sport Committee’s first-term leadership was held in the United States on March 2, 2013.

    Wiser is a ball sport in which strategy and exercise are combined, and motion and stillness vie with each other, all in a setting where teams compete against each other. A special playing field is not required. It can be played in any area, no matter how many obstacles there may be. It is extremely safe and suitable for everyone—male, female, old, and young can play it.

    It is an unfortunate fact that some elderly people are not in good health. They may even suffer from limb numbness, which makes it difficult for them to walk. Some have cognitive and memory issues that can impair their ability to function in life. Yet, as long as elderly people are able to play Wiser, the Wiser sport can help them improve their immunity, strengthen their body, enhance their stamina, enliven exhausted brain cells, avoid senile dementia, broaden and ease their mind, increase their happiness, prevent rheumatism and chilliness, and avoid loneliness, insomnia, and numbness of the limbs.

    Middle-aged and young people can likewise reap these benefits. Through playing Wiser, they can enhance their wisdom and develop their mental vitality. In addition, playing Wiser can resolve the tendency of homebound men and women to be solitary, eccentric, and asocial. That is because involvement in Wiser will provide them with opportunities to go outdoors, make friends during matches, increase their self-confidence, and develop wholesome social relations.

    Moreover, teenagers and children who play Wiser will become better at thinking independently and will be more courteous and virtuous. They will develop tenacity, physical strength, and intelligence. It is the best sport for rearing people of talent.

    In short, playing the Wiser sport not only builds physical strength, but also develops wisdom and brainpower. It does not matter if the player is old, middle-aged, young, a teenager, a child, male, or female. No special playing field is required. An appropriate playing field could be set up based on the conditions that exist at the particular site. Different types of playing fields and various irregularly shaped obstacles are not only part of the setting of the sport, but they even provide the key to opening wisdom. Clever planning and intelligence spring from the minds of players as myriad changes take place during the course of a game. Variations in playing fields and changes in obstacles add new challenges for the players. Even if one plays at the same playing field all the time, since each match is unique in terms of its sequence, line, direction, and strength of attacks initiated by members of one’s own team and the other team, there is never any repetition among different matches. Each match requires the application of different layout and attack techniques. All of this enables players to improve their wisdom, sharpen their sport skills, and experience the delight of extraordinary variety. This is a characteristic of Wiser that all other ball sports lack. A congratulation letter to the World Wiser Sport Committee from the International Olympic Committee and the International Boxing Association enthusiastically praised the Wiser sport as “the most ideal sport of all the ball sports.”

    Moreover, playing the Wiser sport is extremely safe. Anyone who likes to exercise, wants to strengthen both body and mind, and wants to build moral character can play this sport. It is a sport that truly treats everyone equally. It entails both individual and group strategies and tactics. From the perspective of developing one’s intelligence and thought processes, the Wiser sport is like organizing battle formations in war or playing chess. From the perspective of exercising the body and increasing one’s physical strength, it is a perfect, natural, engaging ball sport. Thus, Wiser is the perfect ball sport for athletes and non-athletes worldwide.

    Generally speaking, Wiser has the following seven types of beneficial effects: strengthening the body and improving health, enlivening the spirit, developing brainpower and wisdom, increasing unity and friendliness, improving the body’s immunity, delaying the decline of stamina, and helping to elevate moral character. Experience has shown that everyone who has played the Wiser ball game praises it and wants to keep playing it, for it has clearly given them a healthier body and mind.

    The World Wiser Sport Committee is a legally established public-benefit nonprofit organization. It is the highest, most authoritative Wiser sport organization in the world. The Committee trains different levels of umpires based on the rules of the Wiser sport. It holds international tournaments, guides the work of Wiser Sport Committees in countries and regions around the globe, and leads the expansion of the Wiser sport throughout the world. Its mission is to enable people living in various regions and of different races, ages, and cultures to play the Wiser sport and, in so doing, to rid themselves of sickness, delay the aging process, improve their physical and mental health, enhance their wisdom, make new friends, elevate their morality, and thereby advance peace and happiness to all of mankind.

    World Wiser Sport Committee