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    World Wiser Sport Committee
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    The Rules of Wiser Sport

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    When holding official Wiser ball competitions, many Wiser sport organizations are faced with the issues of securing suitable competition venues, limitations imposed by the agenda of the competitions, and having a large number of teams participating in the competitions. Therefore, it is difficult for the organizers of the competitions to complete all the games on schedule without specifically defining an allowed range of Wiser competition fields and the time duration of each game. In response to these practical needs, after several discussion meetings, the World Wiser Sport Committee (WWSC) established this special edition of the Rules of Wiser Sport Handbook for Official Wiser Ball Competitions (hereafter referred to as the Competition Rules Handbook). This Competition Rules Handbook uniformly set out the range of the competition field size and the time duration of each game. Corresponding modifications based on these new stipulations have also been made to the original general Wiser sport rules.

    In addition, since the WWSC officially published the Rules of Wiser Sport Handbook version 1.0 on November 30, 2013, the WWSC has continuously received questions, feedback, and suggestions regarding some of the rules encountered in the actual games and competitions held during the past few years. Therefore, the WWSC also took this opportunity to incorporate amendments or additions to some of the existing rules into this edition. For example, the types of fouls and their corresponding penalties have been simplified so that they are easier to be followed by players and to be called and executed by referees. All Wiser sport organizations must comply with and use this edition of the competition rules handbook when holding any official Wiser ball competitions.

    Besides the Competition Rules Handbook for official Wiser ball competitions, the WWSC also revised original Rules of Wiser Sport Handbook, English Version 1.0 and published the version 2.0 for the promotion of Wiser sport and general practice Wiser games

    Please download two editions of Rules of Wiser Sport Handbook from the following web links:

    (1)Rules of Wiser Sport Handbook【For Official Wiser Ball Competitions】English Version 1.0

    (2)Rules of Wiser Sport Handbook【For General Promotion and Practice Games】English Version 2.0

    The Secretariat of World Wiser Sport Committee
    March 21, 2018

    The Rules of Wiser Sport


    The World Wiser Sport Committee (WWSC) hereby officially publishes the English Version 1.0 of “Rules of Wiser Sport Handbook” (hereafter “Rules Handbook“). This Rules Handbook will provide players with the basic rules and standards to be followed in all Wiser Sport competitions.

    However, with respect to competitions on a national, state/provincial, or club level, the organization hosting the competition may, in accordance with this Rules Handbook, establish policies of competition based on the specific circumstances of that particular time and place. Formal international-level Wiser competitions must follow this Rules Handbook formulated and published by the WWSC.

    The WWSC reserves all rights to revise this Rules Handbook and to interpret all Wiser competition rules. The WWSC is a non-profit organization legally established in the United States. We teach everyone free of charge the techniques and rules of the Wiser sport. We hope to enable more and more people to experience the incomparable benefits and joy that playing Wiser ball provides. Therefore, this Rules Handbook may be used only for the non-profit purposes of promoting the Wiser sport. According to law, it is forbidden to use this Rules Handbook for any profit-making purposes.

    World Wiser Sport Committee
    November 30, 2013


    Please click the following link to download the rules handbook in pdf format.

    1368614291_pdf WWSC “Rules of Wiser Sport Handbook”, English Version 1.0 (11/30/2013)