Play "Wiser" & Get Wiser
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    World Wiser Sport Committee
    Official Website of Wiser Ball
    Tel: 626.795.7485

    Balls and Basic Equipment for Wiser Sport

    1.  The Balls for Wiser Game

    Each ball shall have a diameter of about 90 millimeters and weighs about 168 grams. There are 7 red balls and 7 white balls. The balls of each color are numbered from 1 to 7.


    2.  The Flags for Wiser Game:

    Prepare 10 yellow and 10 red flags. The design and size of each flag is shown in the diagram below. The shape of the flag is an isosceles right triangle. The length of two equal sides of the triangle is one foot. When inserting a flag into the ground, the pole of the flag should be 2 feet above the ground.

    Specifications of Flags

    Specifications & Dimensions of Flags

    3. Prepare a 12-meter rope to delineate the “Centerline.”