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    World Wiser Sport Committee
    Official Website of Wiser Ball
    Tel: 626.795.7485

    Application for Group Membership

    Application for Group Membership

    Wiser is a ball sport in which strategy and exercise are combined, and motion and stillness vie with each other, all in a setting where teams compete against each other. A special playing field is not required. It can be played in any area, no matter how many obstacles there may be. It is extremely safe and suitable for everyone—male, female, old, and young can play it. Generally speaking, Wiser has the following seven types of beneficial effects: strengthening the body and improving health, enlivening the spirit, developing brain power and wisdom, increasing unity and friendliness, improving the body’s immunity, delaying the decline of stamina, and helping to elevate moral character of people in all age groups, including seniors, middle-aged people, young people, and minors! Therefore, a congratulatory letter on behalf of the International Olympic Committee and the International Boxing Association wrote to the World Wiser Sport Committee praised that Wiser sport is “the most ideal sport of all the ball sports.”

    The World Wiser Sport Committee is a legally established public-benefit non-profit organization. It is the highest, most authoritative Wiser sport organization in the world. The Committee trains different levels of referees based on the rules of the Wiser sport. It holds international tournaments, guides the work of Wiser Sport Committees in countries and regions around the globe, and leads the expansion of the Wiser sport throughout the world. Its mission is to enable people living in various regions and of different races, ages, religions, and cultures to play the Wiser sport and, in so doing, to rid themselves of sickness, delay the aging process, improve their physical and mental health, enhance their wisdom, make new friends, elevate their morality, and thereby advance peace and happiness to all of mankind.

    The World Wiser Sport Committee is a purely sport-related organization. It does not involve with any politics or religions. Everyone can participate in this sport, no matter whether one is Buddhist, Catholic, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Daoist, or a follower of any other religion that promotes goodness, and no matter if one is male or female, old or young. Everyone is treated equally. This is one of the principles and purposes of our Committee. It is also the view and wish of an elder virtuous one who taught our Committee the techniques of this high and noble ball sport.

    Any group or organization that is willing to abide by the principles and policies of the World Wiser Sport Committee, agrees with the Committee’s mission and goal, and volunteers to make an effort in promoting the Wiser sport can apply to the Committee and become its group member. However, our Committee has a special prerequisite that the applying organization must first, in its own country or region, follow the laws and processes of its residency to apply to the government for establishing a legitimate and registered Wiser sport organization such as a committee, association, or club. Once that legitimate sport organization is registered and established, the organization can then apply to the World Wiser Sport Committee to become its registered group member.

    To apply for group membership, please fill out enclosed: “World Wiser Sport Committee’s Group Member Application Form.” Once completed, please email the form and related information back to

    World Wiser Sport Committee

    1368614291_pdf World Wiser Sport Committee — Application Form for Group Membership (Revised on 01/09/2017)
    Word-icon World Wiser Sport Committee — Application Form for Group Membership (Revised on 01/09/2017)